a route an artist takes, driven by an inner desire and passion


The Artisan Detour is a new platform, launched to give exclusive behind the scenes insights into the creative careers of artists, designers, makers, photographers and writers…

We’re here to inspire upcoming artists to chase their dreams, making them into their own reality. Most of all, we hope to offer complete relatability. Social media is full of success, but as Wesley Snipes once tweeted, “No one is posting their failures”. Since we’re all aware success takes time, here at The Artisan Detour we plan on reflecting this. We’ll do this by sharing stories, interviews and offering behind the scenes peeks into the lives artisans who are already working in the creative industries.

But it’s not all serious! We’re going to have some fun too by taking a few detours. We’ll hit the road with The Artisan Detour, discovering art in various cities around the UK, and we’re working on new content to offer a unique way of hanging out with artists, designers and makers in their studios.


“a route an artist takes, driven by an inner desire and passion.”

- Yasmin Qureshi

Yasmin’s Story:

Founded by photographer and writer Yasmin Qureshi in February 2019, The Artisan Detour is a project which began out of a desire to share and promote the works of artists from all backgrounds, and who work with all creative mediums.

In 2016 I began shooting with, and interviewing designers, makers and writers for a project at university called ‘Your Stories’. Being lucky enough to share the stories of watercolour artist Sarah Stokes, fashion designer Chanel-Monet, and author Briony Marshall, I’d wanted to do more with the project ever since, but there never seemed to be the right time - until 2019! I hope you will join and support me on this new journey.