Welcome to The Artisan Detour

Welcome to The Artisan Detour

First of all, a big THANK YOU to those who have supported me so far on my new creative venture. This project has been a long time coming, and although I began working on the website during yet another tough time in my life, it’s been a blessing in many ways.

As you may be aware, The Artisan Detour originally started as a project called Your Stories back in 2016. I’ve always wanted to develop the project further, since I could see so much potential to make the project bigger and better than it originally was. I’m so glad that time has finally arrived, and cannot wait to start working on all the ideas I have.

I hope The Artisan Detour will become a platform young-at-heart creatives will turn to for inspiration, even when they’re in need of that extra motivation when they feel like giving up. I myself know how easy it is to just give up when I don’t see results, opting for a job I’ve done for many years, yet brings me such little joy in return.

I want this website to become a platform where you can find insight and total relatability, especially in a world where social media is full of success and comparison. I want you to pop over here and know that you’re not the only one who feels like you’re getting nowhere, because there’ll be stories from those who have been through what you’re going through now. They saw the light at the end of the tunnel, emerging with a big smile on their faces.

I want to create opportunities for you to be part of the many ideas I have in mind for The Artisan Detour. No matter what medium you work with. Paint. Clay. Words. Photography. Mixed.

Eventually, I want to open up an online shop, selling beautiful creations by artists. After that? I’d love to open a gallery, cafe, shop, and co-working space, all rolled into one. (can a dream ever be too big?)

I really hope you will join me on my journey. Most of all, I hope you’ll keep me inspired to continue with this project, and never give up when times get tough.

To celebrate the launch of The Artisan Detour blog, I’m planning on getting my favourite people on board to discuss a very fitting theme - New Beginnings! Coming up we have interior stylist Mel of Honey Bee Home, photographer and writer Lea Elm, as well as aspiring novelist and fashion blogger Sophie Sierra. The first post, The Story of Mel, will be published on the 1st of May 2019. New content will be posted once a week, every hump day (that’s Wednesday, if you don’t know!)

In the meantime, how does a quick step back in time sound? I can’t help but feel it’ll be such a shame to leave behind the original Your Stories project. This is why I’ve decided to publish the original stories first, so that you can get an idea of how it all started for me!

I’m very excited to get crackin’ with the new stories. Don’t forget, to take a look at the features page if you’d like to get your story and interview up on The Artisan Detour. You can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Your Stories: From the beginning…