Honey Bee Home launch their summer collection, Été

The Artisan Detour is excited to share Honey Bee Home’s summer collection Été, which will launch on 24.06.2019!

The collection oozes class, and each product has a timeless elegance. Honey Bee Home is no longer a homeware brand alone, it’s now about a lifestyle, infusing the brand into your daily life.

Été is the French word for summertime. Inspired by the feeling of contentment that summer brings with it and the laid back sense that life is just that little bit nicer in the sunshine, the collection features stunning homeware alongside beautiful gift and lifestyle pieces that make our world a little bit lovelier.

It’s definitely exciting to see the direction Melissa is steering Honey Bee Home towards, and it’s clear to see 2019 is the year she takes things to the next level.

Melissa mentioned in her story that one of her goals is to work with other creatives to bring her vision to life. Staying true to her word, she’s worked with videographer Megan Bryan to shoot Honey Bee Home’s new teaser trailer for her summer collection, Été.

In addition to the trailer, I’ve been busy shooting Honey Bee Home’s new lookbook. My favourite product? The water bottles! I love to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Creative Direction: Melissa Reynolds-Lawrence

Videographer: Megan Bryan, Panfoot Productions

Styling & Assistance: Rebekah Millward

Photography: Yasmin Qureshi